Watch: Roquefort Therapeutics at BioFIT

Roquefort Therapeutics

Roquefort Therapeutics is a biotech company developing first-in-class drugs in the high value and high growth oncology segment prior to partnering or selling to big pharma.

Since listing in March 2021, Roquefort Therapeutics has successfully acquired Lyramid Pty Limited, a leader in the development of medicines for a new therapeutic target, Midkine (a human growth factor associated with cancer progression), and most recently acquired Oncogeni Ltd., which has developed two families of innovative cell and RNA oncology medicines.

Roquefort Therapeutics’ portfolio consists of four fully funded, novel patent-protected pre-clinical anti-cancer medicines. The four medicines are Midkine antibodies with significant in vivo efficacy and toxicology studies; Midkine RNA therapeutics with novel anti-cancer gene editing action; MK cell therapy with direct and NK-mediated anti-cancer action; and siRNA targeting novel STAT-6 target in solid tumors showing significant in vivo efficacy.

The company was at the recent BioFIT event in Strasbourg, France, where Labiotech caught up with the company’s CEO, Ajan Reginald.

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