Wilson Therapeutics on its way to cure Wilson disease

16/04/2015 - 2 minutes

Wilson Therapeutics has closed a €37.4M Series B financing to advance its late-stage development program for Wilson’s disease. The company will present its ongoing Phase II trial of WTX101-201, the company’s treatment for this disease, at the upcoming 50th International Liver Congress 2015.

Approximately 1 in 15000 people worldwide have Wilson Disease, a rare genetic disorder that prevents the body from regulating copper and can lead to serious liver and brain damage. Wilson Disease is universally fatal if left undiagnosed and untreated. The poster that the company will present, titled “WTX101-201: Phase II Study of Bis-choline Tetrathiomolybdate in Newly Diagnosed Wilson Disease Patients,” will be displayed in the Clinical Trials in Progress session on April 25.

The financing series was co-led by new investors, Abingworth LLP and MVM Life Science Partners LLP. The company’s founding investor, HealthCap, also participated in the round.

Jonas Hansson, Chief Executive Officer of Wilson Therapeutics, said: “We are pleased with this significant support from our new as well as existing investors, who represent some of the most experienced in the global life sciences industry. Their combined experience and financial backing will enable us to advance WTX101 through clinical development with the aim of making it available and addressing the unmet medical needs in patients with Wilson’s disease.


WTX101-201 is a Phase II clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of WTX101 using an individualized dosing regimen in up to 30 newly-diagnosed patients with Wilson Disease. The study is being conducted at sites in the U.S. and Europe, and will follow patients on WTX101 for six months.

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Karl-Heinz Weiss

Karl-Heinz Weiss, Associate Professor, Liver Cancer Center, University of Heidelberg, said: “We are very excited to be involved in the WTX101-201 study, the first clinical trial to evaluate a new therapy for Wilson Disease in Europe for more than a decade. Based on earlier clinical studies with tetrathiomolybdate in people with neurologic Wilson Disease, WTX101 holds great promise to mitigate the neurologic damage from Wilson Disease, so we are delighted it is available for study participants.

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