World CAR-T Leader Starts New Program with a UK Biotech

01/02/2016 - 2 minutes

Pretty impressive CAR-T news coming from across the Channel…

oxford_medica_car_tOxford BioMedica just launched a second collaboration with Novartis, which has shown tremendous Phase II results – and the most advanced in CAR-T therapy in development so far (read our review on how CAR-T works and who else is working the field).

This collaboration covers the development and manufacturing of the lentiviral vector associated with the new program. These vectors are a key piece of the gene transfer process.

Oxford BioMedica was already manufacturing lentiviral vectors expressing CTL019 for Novartis, so now this collaboration includes undisclosed royalties on potential future sales of CART products – which could potentially amount to billions.

Part of the manufacturing process – Source: Oxford BioMedica

Thje partnership probably also includes similar conditions even though no financial details have been revealed.Shares of the company almost increased by 10% after the release of the news.

This is definitely good news for the (obviously) Oxford-based company which is recognised as a world leader in the field of lentiviral vectors, ultimately helping gene and cell therapy fulfil high unmet medical needs such as cancer.

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P.S. Why do all Oxford-based companies have to include Oxford in the name of their company (Oxford Nanopore, Oxford BioTherapeutics, Oxford Genetics, Oxford Gene Technology, Oxford Beer… or not). Seems so strange and unappealing to me…

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