ZuvaSyntha, a new player in the Industrial Biotech field

zuvasyntha biosyntha Zuvachem

UK-based BioSyntha Technology and American ZuvaChem have merged and become ZuvaSyntha, an aspiring new player in the industrial biotechnology field. The new company will focus its resources to commercialize the microbial production of industrial chemicals from inexpensive renewable feedstocks, such as syngas and methanol. ZuvaSyntha, will be based in the UK and will be led by Steve Martin, ByoSyntha’s CEO.

The financing secured in conjunction with this merger will support the new company’s lead program for the production of 1,3-butadiene. ZuvaSyntha will also seek further collaborations with industrial partners to develop and commercialize its novel bio-route to 1,3-butanediol and associated derivatives.

ZuvaChem (a subsidiary of Acidophil), founded in 2008 to develop innovative routes for the microbial production of industrial chemicals, focuses on specific chemicals for the renewable rubber tire industry. Meanwhile, BioSyntha Technology, formerly part of Novacta Biosystems, was founded in 2012 and is a leading technology developer in the industrial biotechnology sector. Biosyntha’s focus has been the development of highly efficient low-cost routes to important chemical products using engineered acetogenic bacteria.

While these two companies are consolidating their business, other players are going forward. Global Bioenergies, who also specializes in biofuels, just delivered the first renewable gasoline sample to car-maker Audi. The two companies, that signed an agreement last year, are taking a pioneering step towards a possible new era of renewable hydrocarbons.

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