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“Building a real cool Biopharma community in Europe. That’s the real thing.”

Ingmar Hoerr, Co-founder & Chairman of CureVac

“Labiotech is putting EU biotech – one of the most dynamic European industries – centre-stage. It’s so worthwhile having you around and prosper!”

Regina Hodits, MP at Wellington Partners

“Labiotech really helps European biotech shine – both companies and the people behind them.”

Xavier Duportet, Co-founder & CEO at Eligo

“Young, fresh and with a great passion for our industry. And always fun to work with.”

Simon Moroney, CEO at Morphosys

“Labiotech is a valuable source to monitor and highlight the transformative breakthroughs happening in biotech. It’s therefore a useful reference point for Europa-Bio.”

Joanna Dupont, Secretary General at Europabio

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