Future Organ-on-a-chip Global Leader MIMETAS raised 4 Million euros

13/10/2014 - 3 minutes

Dutch biotech MIMETAS B.V. announces that it has raised 4 Million euros ($5.2M) to fund its expansion as a global leader in organ-on-a-chip technology. 

Venture capital investors Zeeuws Investerings Fonds (ZIF) and Participatiemaatschapij Oost Nederland (PPM Oost) have joined forces with national and regional partners, to fund development and sales of MIMETAS’ unique 3D disease- and tissue modelling technologies.

An organ-on-a-chip is an interesting and promising technology. It is a multi-channel 3-D microfluidic cell culture chip which can simulate the activities, mechanics and physiological response of entire organs and organ systems. By recapitulating the multicellular architectures, tissue-tissue interfaces, physicochemical microenvironments and vascular perfusion of the body, these devices produce levels of tissue and organ functionality not possible with conventional 2D or 3D culture systems. They also enable high-resolution, real-time imaging and in vitro analysis of biochemical, genetic and metabolic activities of living cells in a functional tissue and organ context. It can be relevant to advance the study of tissue development, organ physiology and disease etiology.

Cover art with vessel formation and 3D confocal

Jos Joore,

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