A Slice of Europe: MD Anderson looks to invest in EU Immuno-Oncology

07/09/2015 - 3 minutes

MD Anderson is expanding its Immatics sharehold to spawn new Houston-based subsidiary Immatics US through investing into a $60M (€54M) pot. Also partnering up with French CAR-T pioneers Cellectis, and collaborating with German Merck, MD Anderson is seemingly wanting to immerse itself in the European immuno-oncology field.

As a shareholder in the German cancer immunotherapy company, Immatics, MD Anderson has siphoned off $40M into a pharma-baby, Immatics US. This is to be combined with a solid $19.7M grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to focus their research on broad-spectrum adoptic cellular therapies (ACT). Also planted in MD Anderson’s Texan territory, Houston, Immatics US is to utilise Immatics XPRESIDENT; a super-sensitive Tumor associated peptide (TUMAP) detection system dubbed the ‘target discovery engine’ capable of detecting TUMAP presence down to 10-18 Moles. XPRESIDENT combined with MD Anderson’s ACT expertise has been used to develop the following ACT methods, which are hoped to be practiced in-clinic during 2016:

  1. ACTolog –

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