BioArt: Joana Ricou shows the Beautiful Similarities of the Microbiome

02/04/2016 - 4 minutes

Joana Ricou has been dwelling on the frontier of biology and science since she enrolled an Art&Biology programme at Carnegie Mellon (US). Her BioArt works explore the perception of our bodies and the multitudes inside each of us – with a rather scientific approach.

We have covered a small part of Ricou’s on our event coverage of Berlin’s ‘Nonhuman Subjectivities‘ BioArt exhibition, for which she contributed to the microbiome theme with art pieces from her ‘Other Selves series.

In this project, Ricou took samples from parts of her body and from the environment and grew them in the traditional Petri dish. She was originally interested on how the microbiome, our ‘fellow travellers‘, was derived from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the spaces we move through.

Her main discovery? There’s not much overlap between the cultures. As it turns out, most of our microbiome (and this part of our identity) is not connected with our interaction with the world.

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