Curious about Who is Living in Your Gut? This Kit Can Tell You

24/05/2017 - 3 minutes

Personalized and democratized medicine is coming to the microbiome via a new initiative, FeelGut, from Biopolis. The FeelGut kit lets you explore your gut!

FeelGut is a new kit for those of us who want to explore their microbiota. It’s developed by Biopolis, a Spanish biotech committed to empowering people through improved understanding and control of health. The company’s latest initiative, FeelGut, takes on the microbiome, an exciting field of biotech that has broad applications in wellness and therapeutics.

For maximum accessibility, FeelGut is built around an at-home test that is then mailed back to Biopolis’s lab for analysis. The company uses sequencing-based screening to map gut bacteria populations in the gut, especially those that are beneficial or pathogenic.

So what does your gut tell you? Which organisms have taken up residence at what level reflects not only your lifestyle choices but also if you’re at risk of conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

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