What kind of Startups were born at the UK’s First Biohackathon?

04/07/2016 - 5 minutes

Organised by the University of Cambridge Technology and Enterprise Club (a catchy ‘CUTEC’ for short), the Biohackathon was the first of its kind organised in the UK…

Biohacking CUTEC biohackathonWith SynBio veterans such as Bento Bio (inventors of the ‘Lunch box sized Laboratory’ for hackers, schools and DIY enthusiasts), Synthace (which invented Antha – ‘the programming language of biology‘) and their founder Chris Grant, the conference also had some prominent sponsors, from SynBioBeta to MedImmune.

As Thomas Ladrain, the President of Parisian Biohacking institution, La Paillasse, put it at Labiotech Refresh“A new generation of Bio-entrepreneurs is rising right now”. And he couldn’t be more right.

Synthetic Biology (‘SynBio‘) is a favourite topic of ours at Labiotech, and it’s application in more unconventional communities (from artists to schools – just look at iGEM) is becoming more prevalent with the rise of Open source materials and gadgetry.

And business is booming in the field,

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