FDA will use a European Bioinformatics tool to keep patients safe

09/09/2015 - 3 minutes

Molecular Health, a bioinformatics company based in Heidelberg, Germany, today announced that it will enter a commercial-licensing agreement with the US Food and Drugs Standard Agency (FDA) to implement their new bioanalytical product SafetyMAP to analyse risk of marketed drugs.

Molecular Health (Labiotech Map Profile here), partnered with MD Anderson (TX) early on, doing consultancy for the cancer research giant before the launching of their bioinformatics research could go ahead. This permitted Molecular Health the time needed to deepen their understanding of the clinical data system and adapt their approach to data-mining within the medical research field.

By data mining current journal publications and collating it with molecular data from patients, MH developed their ‘Nucleus’ technology which homogenises these disparate sources of information in order to create comprehensive analyses of particular drugs and their trials, down to the target-pathway level.

From here, Molecular Health managed to engineer the first of their key data-mining platforms – Molecular Analysis of Side Effect Information (MASE).

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