German Biotech raises extra €31M to get first-in-class Antibody through trials

22/07/2016 - 2 minutes

InflaRx, a German-based biopharma, has raised €31M in a series C fundraising. This is to further advance a potentially first-in-class antibody which targets an acute form of self-inflammation.

Based in Jena, InflaRx’s founders originally identified C5a (a protein mostly produced in the liver) as a key ‘amplifying factor’ in complement inflammation. This then formed the basis for InflaRx’s candidate IFX-1 – a first-in-class antibody which targets the C5a protein.

In January, InflaRx completed its first Phase II trial of IFX-1, for those with septic organ dysfunction. This happens because in serious infections the body’s immune system also activates inflammatory response mechanisms, and this causes self-induced tissue and organ damage.

This can be through oxygen radical formation, and enzyme or cytokine release by activated blood cells (specifically ‘complement activation‘), which can be can be life-threatening if over-activated. If IFX-1 succeeds during clinical development, it would be the first antibody on the market against C5a.

C5a is a target which is of high interest to the field,

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