Acticor Biotech gets patent for cardiovascular emergency treatment product

brain stroke

French company Acticor Biotech has announced the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted a new patent that provides protection for the use of Acticor’s product, glenzocimab in thrombotic diseases in Europe until 2036.

The grant in Europe complements the ones already obtained in November 2020 in the U.S. and in November 2021 in Singapore, both of which also protect glenzocimab until 2036ell. The patent is also under examination in other countries such as Japan. 

To date, three patent families, including four granted patents and 33 pending patent applications, protect glenzocimab and its therapeutic use.

Sophie Binay, chief operating officer and chief scientific officer, said, “The grant of this patent in Europe, protecting the use of glenzocimab in thrombotic diseases, represents an important step for the development of our drug candidate and its future commercialization and strengthens Acticor’s patent portfolio. It has been extended to other major territories with the grant of a patent in the United  States and an intention of grant in Japan, providing protection until 2036. In addition, thanks to its historical commitments with INSERM, Acticor Biotech has exclusive rights to the commercial  exploitation of this patent.” 

About Acticor

Acticor Biotech is a spin-off from INSERM (the French National  Institute of Health and Medical Research), which is aiming to develop an innovative treatment for cardiovascular emergencies, including ischemic stroke.

Acticor Biotech is developing glenzocimab (ACT017), a humanized monoclonal antibody (mAb) fragment directed against a novel target of major interest, platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI). Glenzocimab inhibits platelet binding to the thrombus without affecting physiological hemostasis, thereby limiting the bleeding risk, particularly in the brain. 

In May 2022, Acticor Biotech presented positive results from its Phase 1b/2a study, confirming the safety profile and showing a reduction in mortality and intracerebral hemorrhage in the glenzocimab-treated group in patients with stroke. The efficacy of glenzocimab is now being evaluated in an international phase 2/3 study, ACTISAVE, which will include 1,000 patients.

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