L’Oreal is Bioprinting Human Skin to Stop Animal Testing

26/05/2015 - 3 minutes

A huge improvement could shake the cosmetic testing field very soon. L’Oreal, the French world leader in beauty cosmetics, mostly known for its make-up and hair care products, has just started a partnership with Organovo to print human skin.

The amazing thing here is that L’Oreal has already been thinking about giving priority to human skin tests to avoid animal testing for 30 years now! Indeed, the corporation’s subsidiary Episkin in Lyon (France), is already selling human skin tissues. L’Oreal currently produces about 100,000 small skin samples every year. Half of these samples go to the cosmetic giant’s personal needs and the rest is sold to its competitors or other pharma companies.

These samples are grown from tissues donated by plastic surgery patients. Once received, Episkin slices the tissues into cells and then feeds them with the appropriate molecules, allowing the skin sample to gain a new 0.5 square centimeter in just over one week. According to Bloomberg, these skin samples cost €62 a piece.

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