Meet Eligo, the Startup which Raised €2M to Redefine Antibiotics using CRISPR

09/07/2015 - 6 minutes

Antibiotic resistance is a public health problem worldwide. According to WHO, by 2050, over 10 million people will die every year. Microbiomics is a fast evolving field which could play an important role in fighting these resistant bacteria. And CRISPR is literally seen as the biggest Biotech discovery of this century. So, here’s a crazy thought… what would happen if you were to mix Antibiotics, Microbiome and CRISPR together?

Xavier Duportet is a young entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Paris-based Eligo Bioscience, trying to use CRIPSR and all its potential to cure microbiome diseases. Today, the one-year old company proudly announced that it raised €2M from French VC Seventure Partners, which recently opened the first fund dedicated to microbiomics.

I had the pleasure of meeting Xavier several times before, and every time I felt impressed with him. He is a brilliant scientist who did his PhD at MIT. Today, he organizes the Hello Tomorrow Challenge and is always very enthusiastic.

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