Oxford Spin-Out Raises Record €21M to Re-Program Stem Cells

12/05/2016 - 2 minutes

OxStem’s strategy for stem cells therapy inside the body could have a big impact in regenerative medicine – and it has raised €21.4M, a record for a UK spin-out.

A spin-out of Oxford University, OxStem is developing cell programming therapies that could treat a range of usually age-related conditions – dementia, heart failure, macular degeneration, diabetes and cancer.

The company is based on research in the fields of chemistry and stem cells, led by Oxford Professors Kay Davies, Angela Russell and Steve Davies – who already features in the ranks of ‘spin-off sultans’.

OxStem has now raised over €21.4M (£16.9M) – a record for UK academic spin-outs. Besides Oxford Sciences Innovation (the huge technology transfer company of Oxford University), investors include Human Longevity – backed by Craig Venter and already involved in other European projects.

OxStem’s strategy uses a new class of small molecules that can modulate or stimulate endogenous cells – awakening dormant cellular processes. These include repair and stem cell functions.

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