Latest Small Molecule against Alzheimer’s Disease Success in Phase I Trials

15/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Probiodrug‘s phase I tolerability and efficacy trial for Alzheimer’s didn’t quite go as planned, although results are in and it is still good news for this small molecule candidate.

probiodrug_alzheimerProbiodrug in Halle (Germany) is pioneering immunotherapy approaches to eliminate pyroglutamated (pGlu) Abeta, a highly toxic peptide that has been linked to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

A key enzyme (Glutaminyl Cyclase – QC) which leads to pGlu-Abeta, is also the target in Probiodrug’s development of a small molecule drug against Alzheimer’s disease, a growing focus in the Biotech industry.

You can read more about target therapeutic sites and drug types in our March review on Alzheimer’s, and recent developments in the field through our Neurodegenerative Disease review from November.

The SAPHIR trial for Probiodrug’s QC inhibitor (PQ912) took place in Switzerland and the UK at Covance (a contract drug research company). probiodrug_alzheimer_disease_saphir_plaque_dementia

The results,

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