When swimming supports science: Scienion contributes to the “Rheines Wasser” project with micro-array testing

25/08/2014 - 3 minutes

Scienion today announced that the company supports the unique research project ‘Rheines Wasser’ involving a 1,231 km long Rhine marathon swim. SCIENIONs contribution includes water quality testing with a novel multi-parameter microarray, financing all microarrays, sample preparation, experimental work and providing equipment.

In the ambitious project ‘Rheines Wasser’, Andreas Fath, a Furtwangen University professor of Physical and Analytical Chemistry specializing in Ecological Engineering, plans to swim the Rhine from the source in the Swiss Alps to the estuary in the North Sea. Besides the sporting challenge, Fath and his team will take daily water samples all along the route which will be tested for industrial chemicals, hormones, anti-depressants, sweeteners, antibiotics, painkillers, drugs, pathogens, and microplastics, among other substances. The event also aims to use the high level of public interest to raise awareness for the importance of water as a resource and the need for increased water protection.

Scienion and other partners contribute with different methods of testing the water quality. Scienion uses a novel microarray that is capable of detecting up to 150 microorganisms simultaneously.

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