TauRX, the leading Alzheimer-focused Biotech, earns funding after Phase II breakthrough

09/10/2015 - 3 minutes

The Tau protein has already been implicated in the onset of Alzheimer’s, with many biotechs on the hunt for a preventative therapy. Now, a University of Aberdeen (UK) associated biotech, TauRX, have drawn €120M for their phase III therapy.

TauRx-Logo-01TauRX is a spin-off biotech from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland (UK) where its clinical trials are being conducted, although its official headquarters are based in Singapore (for tax reasons, perhaps?!). Their Alzheimer’s pipeline has led to the latest generation of their Tau-aggregation inhibitors (TAIs) attracting a massive €120M funding round for its phase III trials.

This figure is staggeringly huge for a clinical trials fundraiser, leading us to question – is this drug really the potential cure for Alzheimer’s the world is waiting for? Or is this simply another example of the biotech spending spree in Neuro-degenerative disease…

Tau-protein was identified as a major causative agent in neurofibrillatory ‘tangles’ by Claude Wischik in 1988,  who’s research lab at Cambridge (UK) later moved to the University of Aberdeen and founded TauRX.

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