This 10,000 Employee French Pharma is Finally Entering the Biotech Partnership Race

19/11/2015 - 3 minutes

Biotech is getting more and more about partnering rather than doing everything alone. Some conservative Pharmas, which worked to more of a ‘Silo model’, are now branching out in a more open approach; the last one being the Pharma company from the south-west of France Pierre Fabre.

The company, named after its iconic founder Pierre Fabre, has been very successful since its creation in 1962. It grew into a 10,000 employee mass, which last year made with 2.1 billion euros in revenue.

But Pierre Fabre well illustrates how the ‘Silo model’ can be a limitation in Biotech. Most of its employees are based in the south-west of France (Castres and Toulouse), so the HQ tries to do the bulk of the work on its own. It’s certainly not as international as its French rival Servier (who conducts 90% of sales abroad), and Fabre’s pipeline is mainly reliant on its own internal research.

Shifting from the silo model to an open model is therefore a global trend in the entire industry,

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