Dementia could bankrupt us all… The Biotech ‘A’ Team comes to the rescue!

26/10/2015 - 3 minutes

The fight against Alzheimer‘s with the World Health Organization and the G8 Dementia Summit rallies a collective of biotech industry specialists also wanting in on the battle front. The latest development in the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF) includes US Biogen‘s dramatic cuts to redirect $250M into the Neurodegenerative disease venture, and investment into $100M ‘A’ team pot.

Those enlisted include Cambridge Biogen (US) – who have dropped all other investments with dramatic cuts to go to battlestations in Neurodegenerative disease. Their latest cuts include a phase II candidate for Lupus (which is surprising given this chronic diseases’ lack of attention), 2 multiple sclerosis drugs (oral version of Tecfidera and the phase III failure Tysabri) and approximately 830 jobs across the board (11% of its company). We can only hope this $250M in savings was worth the risk…

As we have discussed, previous progress in the Neurodegenerative disease field has been cumbersome and, frankly a little depressing (a couple of late-stage failures mentioned here).

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