The 20 Best Biotech Incubators Hatching Startup Stars in Europe

07/10/2019 - 7 minutes

Incubators can give biotech startups the boost they need to get off the ground. These are our top picks of the biotech incubators across Europe supporting the next generation of life science startups.

Creating a biotech company is a challenging, long-term endeavor. In particular, the first steps can be essential to set up a new business on the right path towards success. Incubators can offer a startup the resources needed to get there, be it laboratory space, mentorship, or access to an exclusive network of experts.

Given the importance of the biotechnology sector in Europe, many startup incubators across the continent specialize in supporting life science startups. These biotech incubators offer facilities, mentoring and networking options that can prove crucial in determining the fate of a young biotech.  

Biotech incubator bio-incubator Leuven

VIB Bio-incubator 

Where: Ghent and Leuven, Belgium

Focus: Healthcare and industrial biotech

Companies hosted: Aelin Therapeutics, Oncurious, Agrosavfe

These two incubators run by the VIB research institute are intended for biotech companies with intensive research and development activities. Ranging from startups to established companies, the tenants are offered office and laboratory space as well as general, technical and logistics support. 

Biotech Incubator JLABSJLABS @ BE

Where: Beerse, Belgium

Focus: Healthcare

Companies hosted: AlphaBiomics, Clarity Genomics, Tetraneuron

Situated on the research campus of Janssen, this incubator is the first of a large network of life sciences incubators run by Johnson & Johnson Innovation to be located in Europe. Companies at the incubator have no strings attached in terms of intellectual property and get access to facilities, expertise, and funding opportunities.


BioVille Biotech Incubator Belgium - Edited


Where: Diepenbeek, Belgium

Focus: Healthcare

Companies: Apitope, Beta-Cell, Complix

Located at the Diepenbeek campus of the Hasselt University in Belgium, this incubator hosts healthcare companies both in early and late stage development phases. Tennant companies are offered custom services that adapt to their needs.


accelerace bio cobis biotech incubatorCopenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Focus: Healthcare and food technology

Companies: IO Biotech, RetiPharma

At the heart of the Medicon Valley cluster, COBIS hosts a mix of national and international companies that range from early-stage startups to mid-size firms. The incubator runs an accelerator program and offers pre-seed funding opportunities to its tenants, as well as giving entrepreneurs access to a network of life science experts.


Genopole biotech incubator france - Edited


Where: Evry, France

Focus: Healthcare, industrial biotech and food technology

Companies: Acticor Biotech, Algama, Glowee


Just south of Paris, the Genopole biocluster supports startups working within all branches of biotechnology. This incubator offers coaching and business services in addition to office and lab space, as well as an accelerator program that the companies can take part in. 


Eurasante bioincubator biotech incubator - Edited

Eurasanté Bio-Incubator

Where: Lille, France

Focus: Healthcare and food technology

Companies hosted: Genfit, 4P Pharma, AlzProtect


Located at the Eurasanté Bio-Business Park, this bioincubator is actively involved in helping entrepreneurs with ventures at any stage of development in addition to providing laboratory and office space. The incubator has strong ties with local academic institutions, encouraging and supporting technology transfer. 


IZB Munich bitoech incubator

Innovation and Startup Center for Biotechnology (IZB)

Where: Planegg-Martinsried, Germany

Focus: Healthcare and industrial biotech

Companies: BioNTech, Immunic Therapeutics, AMSilk


Located close to Munich, this incubator has access to the nearby Ludwig Maximilian University and Max Planck Institutes. The IZB supports biotech startups through the process of funding, business development, finding partners, and building a network. 


BioCity Leipzig

Bio City Leipzig

Where: Leipzig, Germany

Focus: Healthcare and industrial biotech

Companies: Immutep, c-LEcta, Vita 34


In addition to office and laboratory facilities, this biotech incubator also offers consultancy and mentorship services. The incubator also hosts academic researchers from Leipzig University, encouraging and supporting the creation of spin-off biotech companies. 


Bayer Healthcare colaborator - Edited

Bayer CoLaborator Berlin

Where: Berlin, Germany

Focus: Healthcare and food technology

Companies hosted: Eternygen, Invicol, Liquid Genomics


The Bayer CoLaborator offers office and laboratory space to companies at all stages of development. Located at the Bayer research campus in Berlin, this incubator is connected to prestigious research institutions such as the Charité hospital and the Humboldt University. Tenants also have access to facilities at other CoLaborator locations in San Francisco, Moscow and Kobe. 


Bioincubator toscana life sciences

Toscana Life Sciences (TLS) Bioincubator

Where: Siena, Italy

Focus: Healthcare

Companies: Epigen Therapeutics, Kedrion Biopharma, AchilleS Vaccines


The biotech incubator supports companies and nonprofit research groups at every phase of their development. Companies are given access to professionals with scientific and industrial backgrounds who specialize in technology transfer, as well as a network of experts and consultants.


Life Sciences incubator UtrechtUtrecht Science Park 

Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Focus: Healthcare

Companies hosted: Merus, Gadeta, ArthroSave


The Utrecht Science Park hosts life science startups as well as established biotech companies. A building solely dedicated to the Life Sciences Incubator was built in 2015, expanding the office and laboratory space available to biotech companies at the park. 


Oslo Cancer Cluster incubator

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator 

Where: Oslo, Norway

Focus: Oncology

Companies: Zelluna Immunotherapy, PCI Biotech, Lytix Biopharma


This publicly-funded incubator supports oncology biotech companies to reach the commercialization stage. In addition to office and lab space, companies are given advice on business development, intellectual property and regulatory processes, as well as access to a network of investors and pharma companies.  


BIC Granada Biotech IncubatorBIC Granada

Where: Granada, Spain

Focus: Healthcare, industrial biotech and food technology

Companies hosted: Neuron Bio, Xtrem Biotech, BiotMicrogen


This incubator at the Granada Health Technology Park offers office and laboratory space to companies specializing in healthcare innovation. Entrepreneurs receive assistance with preparing business plans and funding rounds and their companies can also access a local accelerator program, startup contests, and trade shows.




Where: Tres Cantos, Spain

Focus: Healthcare 

Companies: X-Pol Biotech, Coretherapix, Biobide


Located near Madrid, Genetrix is the largest private incubator of biotech companies in Spain, focusing on companies stemming from academic research. From this incubator came Tigenix (formerly Cellerix), an European pioneer in stem cell therapy that was acquired by Takeda last year.


Umea Biotech incubatorUmeå Biotech Incubator (UBI)

Where: Umeå, Sweden

Focus: Healthcare

Companies hosted: Nordic Biomarker SwedClone Redhot diagnostics


With the aim to promote the growth of the Scandinavian life sciences sector, this biotech incubator supports companies developing medical innovations. UBI gives companies access to research facilities, professional services, expert networks and financing options. 



AstraZeneca BioVentureHub

Where: Mölndal, Sweden

Focus: Healthcare 

Companies hosted: Immunicum, Athera Biotechnologies, Cellink


This incubator run by AstraZeneca gives academics and entrepreneurs working on biotech and medtech projects access to the pharma company’s resources, including offices and laboratory space. The companies hosted can work independently, with no strings attached to AstraZeneca in terms of intellectual property.


StartLab BiopoleStartLab

Where: Lausanne, Switzerland

Focus: Healthcare

Companies hosted: SUN Bioscience, GNUBiotics, SEED Biosciences


This incubator is located at the Biopôle in Lausanne, a hotspot for biotech that hosts academic researchers and companies specializing in life sciences. The StartLab incubator has a flexible payment model that requires less funding for a biotech company to get started.


Norwich Bio IncubatorNorwich Bio-Incubator

Where: Norwich, UK

Focus: Healthcare, industrial biotech and food technology
Companies hosted: Procarta Bioystems, Colorifix, IDna Genetics


Located at the Norwich Research Park, this incubator offers shared laboratory space and equipment to small life science startups, as well as mentoring and funding opportunities. Companies can benefit from close access to research institutions including the Quadram Institute and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.


Biocity Nottingham biotech incubator


Where: Nottingham, Glasgow and Alderley Park, UK

Focus: Healthcare and industrial biotech

Companies hosted: Chain Biotech, Azotic Technologies, Locate Bio

The first BioCity incubator opened in Nottingham in 2004 and boasts a survival rate of 91% of the companies it has hosted since then. Now with three locations across the UK, this biotech incubator organizes pitching competitions, trade visits and roundups of investment opportunities for its members. In the Nottingham and Glasgow locations, the BioCity group also runs MediCity incubators specializing on medical technology startups. 

babraham bioincubator


Where: Cambridge, UK

Focus: Healthcare

Companies hosted: Bicycle Therapeutics, F-Star, Kymab

This bioincubator at the Babraham Research Campus provides young life science companies with laboratory and office space, as well as support on business, science and finance from its partners. These include pharma companies AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly, the contract research organization RxCelerate, and the Silicon Valley Bank.

This article was originally published on May 2017 and has since been updated.

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