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This Berlin-Based Biotech is Working on a New HIV Treatment to Tackle Resistance

17/11/2017 - 2 minutes

We’ve taken a break from travelling and come home to Berlin this week. Here, we are visiting ImmunoLogik, which is working on a new HIV treatment.

Mission: ImmunoLogik is developing a new drug for the effective treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in patients who are heading towards acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The drug targets cellular deubiquitinating enzymes, building blocks of the host cell, which are essential for the propagation of the virus. It is hoped that by focusing on cellular targets rather than the virus, the risk of the development of resistant strains can be significantly reducing.

Comment: With over 36 million people living with HIV, ImmunoLogik has entered a field in need of help. The biotech has spotted that in some cases antiviral drugs haven’t been able to stop HIV from developing into AIDS. Adding another biotech with fresh ideas into the HIV field is no bad thing, as it will keep others in the field on their toes. This might be good timing, with leaders in the field celebrating big wins, including Abivax’s candidate reducing viral load during a Phase IIa trial and Janssen’s single-tablet regimen being approved by the European Commission.

Image – Pavel Sepi /

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