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Startup Scout 7 Feb 2020

Sigrid Therapeutics Prevents Type 2 Diabetes Using Silica Powder in the Gut

Startup Scout 31 Jan 2020

This Cancer Immunotherapy Attacks the Sugar Coat of Tumor Cells

Startup Scout 24 Jan 2020

This Company is Using Moths to Make Vaccines

Startup Scout 17 Jan 2020

This Biotech Is Developing a Pill to Rival Antibiotics in Vaginal Infections

Startup Scout 10 Jan 2020

This Biotech Makes Easily Implantable Artificial Cornea Transplants

Startup Scout 1 Nov 2019

This Biotech Turns Seafood Waste into Packaging Using Microbes

Startup Scout 25 Oct 2019

This UK AI Tool Researches Diseases for Drug Discovery Companies

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This Biotech Fights Autoimmune Disease with Rare Immune Cells

Startup Scout 11 Oct 2019

This Biotech Is Developing a Stem Cell Therapy for Deafness

Startup Scout 4 Oct 2019

This Biotech Genetically Engineers Trees to Produce Biofuels

Startup Scout 27 Sep 2019

This Biotech Can Screen CAR T-Cells Using Only Light and Microfluidics

Startup Scout 20 Sep 2019

This Biotech Targets Mitochondria to Treat Inherited Diseases