Infographic: The Landscape of Plant Biotechnology in Europe

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From electricity to medicine, the field of plant biotechnology is full of cool applications. We’ve gathered some of the coolest plant biotechs in Europe in this infographic.

When you hear about plant biotechnology, I bet you think of the infamous GMO crops of the likes of Monsanto. But the field goes well beyond that, with an impressive range of sometimes unexpected applications. For example, office plants can already be used to power wifi and soon also charge your phone thanks to Barcelona-based company Bioo. In the future, plant biotechnology could hugely benefit the environment by substituting fossil fuels for plant biofuels, or by purifying polluted air within big cities.

With the world’s population rising and growing concerns about the environmental impact of farming, plants will likely become an important food source without counting GMO crops, as a substitute for animal products. Following the steps of BeyondMeat, which has become very popular in the US for its plant-based bleeding burger, PlantLX in Germany wants to use plants to make non-dairy cheese.

Plants are also a very valuable source of molecules with applications ranging from cosmetics to therapeutics. For example, Protalix in Israel is treating diseases such as cystic fibrosis and ulcerative colitis with compounds produced in engineered plants.

The possibilities seem infinite, and we will certainly see more and more in coming years. Here is an overview of biotechs in Europe working in the exciting field of plant biotechnology:

Infographic Plant Biotechnology Europe

After obtaining his PhD degree in Plant Molecular Biology from University of Amsterdam, Valentin Hammoudi has worked as postodoctoral researcher at Freie Universität Berlin since January 2018. In agreement with his taste for ingeniousness and communication, he enjoys sharing worthy stories, ideas and projects.


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