2024 survey: What can Labiotech readers tell us about the biotech industry?

labiotech readers survey 2024

To better grasp the interests and preferences of those immersed in biotech, we conducted a comprehensive survey a few weeks ago. The first thing we’d like to say is a big thank you to the 542 people who took the time to answer our questions! 

Our primary goal was to refine our content to better serve our readers, but in the process, we unearthed valuable insights that reflect broader industry trends. Naturally, we decided we’d share the result with all of you so you can also learn from it.

Before diving into the specifics, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity and expertise of our readers.

A broad and global audience representative of the industry

The diversity of our readership gives us confidence that our findings reflect industry-wide trends. Since 2014, we’ve been committed to making Labiotech’s articles accessible to all stakeholders in the biotech space. This effort has resulted in a readership that is spread across the globe and includes people from all corners of the industry.

Our audience distribution is quite global, with significant concentrations in Europe and the US, regions where the biotech industry is particularly vibrant:

Labiotech readers location

Our readers work in a variety of company types, reflecting the broad spectrum of the biotech landscape:

Labiotech readers type

We have a balanced mix of respondents across different job levels, with 67% identified as “decision makers”:

Labiotech readers seniority

Survey participants come from companies of different sizes, from startups to established corporations:

Labiotech readers size

All in all, it’s a nice sample to look at to understand what the industry is looking for.

Trends in therapeutic and technological interests

To better understand our audience, we looked at their interests from three different perspectives: therapeutic area (i.e. oncology, respiratory, infectious diseases, etc.), technology (i.e. RNA, cell therapy, small molecules, etc.) and topic (i.e. fundraising, clinical trials, drug discovery, etc.).

Oncology, autoimmune diseases, and rare diseases emerged as the top areas of interest among our readers. This aligns with the general trends observed in the industry over recent years:

Labiotech readers therapeutic interests

AI drug discovery and cell and gene therapies are the technologies capturing the most attention. These cutting-edge approaches are driving innovation and excitement within the biotech community, so these results seem to correlate again with a larger trend:

Labiotech readers tech interests

Fundraising, drug discovery, and clinical trials are the top topics our readers are keen on:

Labiotech readers topic interests

Although these results might have been expected from someone familiar with the industry, it’s still interesting to see them.

Perhaps most surprisingly, despite their preferences, readers showed a strong interest in most of the topics and themes we suggested, demonstrating that the industry as a whole is quite open to learning about a variety of therapeutic areas, technological approaches and topics.

Our survey also revealed significant regional variations in interests between Europe and the US:

Labiotech readers therapeutic interests EU 1
Therapeutic interests in Europe

Labiotech readers therapeutic interests US
Therapeutic interests in the U.S.

There is also variation between roles. For instance, business development professionals, a key group in our audience, show a heightened interest in oncology compared to the general sample:

Labiotech readers therapeutic interests BD
Therapeutic interests for people in Business Development

This indicates that oncology remains a focal point in the industry, especially for those who are actively involved in partnering deals.

Labiotech: a trusted media brand

This survey was also an excellent opportunity to measure the confidence and satisfaction of our readers. We were very pleased to find that 74% of respondents would be “likely or very likely” to recommend Labiotech to their peers (which you should also do if you want to support us). 

In addition, 73% of respondents said that the content of our website was “good or excellent”. It’s great to see such good results, especially when you consider that most of our readers also consume several other biotech media on a regular basis, as they confirmed in the survey.

This survey has been a great success for us, as we have been able to gather a lot of responses to help us understand you better, but also some interesting trends to look at and share.

So a big thank you to everyone who took part and to all our readers. Now let’s get back to work!

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