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The past few months have been very exciting for our team. Following our recent acquisition by Inova, we’ve been working hard on defining the future of Labiotech.

From our humble beginnings in France to our expansion into the European market, we’ve always been keen to explore new horizons for the benefit of our readers.

Once more, we’re pushing the boundaries of our journalism and this time, we’re going global!

Why now?

We’ve always contemplated the idea of starting worldwide coverage of biotech. But up until now, we preferred to focus our attention on the European market, as it already takes a certain amount of resources to cover properly.

One of the reasons we decided to join Inova was the possibility of investing more in our editorial resources. With the recent arrival of our new Editor-in-Chief, this ambition is becoming a reality and we can’t wait to start.

Where other media are primarily focused on the North American market, we intend to be truly international and cover all continents as much as possible. 

What does it mean for Labiotech’s content?

We know you love Labiotech for its particular feel and its unique voice. We also know that our coverage of the European market is quite unique and comprehensive compared to other sources.

For those reasons, our approach to this expansion will consist only of adding new things to what we already have. 

In the coming days, we’ll start publishing more content covering biotechs outside of Europe without sacrificing our usual output. So get ready to hear more from us!

Are you keeping the same domain name?

With global content, having .eu in our domain name doesn’t make much sense anymore, right?

We’re already thinking about alternatives to better reflect our expansion, especially for new readers who might not know us already.

This change will come within the year once we figure out the technical details. In the meantime, all our content will still be distributed at the usual address. 

Further changes in our design, brand identity, and website experience will come in due time. We’re open to feedback so feel free to send us your ideas!

Other crazy plans?

Well… yes! We’re also launching a podcast in the coming weeks. 

It’s something we’ve been keeping on the back burner for ages and thanks to our new Editor-in-Chief, who has plenty of experience with podcasts, we are getting ready to launch very soon!

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when the first episode is available!

Once again, thank you for your support as readers. We’re looking forward to starting this new chapter of our history with you!

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