Video: Is mRNA a True Game-Changer? Fireside Chat with Sean Marett, COO of BioNTech

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Sean Marett took a red-eye from New York to speak at Refresh last month: here are his thoughts on how mRNA therapeutics are taking biotech by storm!

mRNA has become one of the next big things in biotech, and Germany-based BioNTech is at the forefront of the wave, developing personalized treatments for cancer. “We try to provide individualized immunotherapies. If you try to compare two patients’ tumors, they are never the same,” explained Sean Marett, COO of the company, at Refresh. “We recognize this fact and try to develop individualized treatments for each patient.”

He also spoke about the company’s effort to promote transparency, as it actively publishes scientific results. “It’s our main strategy to attract top scientists,” Marett explained. “One of the major challenges for us is to actually find the people. It’s not easy to find really good scientists.”

BioNTech counts with Sanofi and Genentech as partners, who Marett says provide the necessary expertise to bring a therapeutic product to market. “If you want to be the first on the market, you need to get a big partner to get you there,” he said.

If you missed Refresh, you can still catch up with the recap!

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