Nanomedicine Company Launches in France to Improve Drug Safety

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The French nanomedicine biotech Nanobiotix is spinning out a subsidiary company developing nanoparticles that can enhance a drug’s effectiveness and decrease side effects.

Called Curadigm, the spinout will be developing nanotechnology with the potential to make low drug doses more effective at treating different conditions, which could make treatments cheaper and with fewer side effects for the patient. The company has not specified which diseases or treatments it plans to target with this technology.

Currently at the preclinical stage, this technology tackles a common problem in medicine; that very few drugs reach their target tissues. Instead, the bulk of the drug builds up in the liver and causes side effects.

Curadigm’s solution is to inject the patient with nanoparticles before giving a patient a particular drug. The nanoparticles ‘distract’ liver cells from capturing the circulating drug and let more drug molecules reach target tissues, ‘priming’ the patient for the treatment.

With its new subsidiary handling this preclinical program, Nanobiotix can focus on developing its treatment for soft tissue sarcoma, currently in phase II/III. The prospective treatment consists of nanoparticles that enter the tumor and specifically enhance radiotherapy at the tumor site, sparing healthy tissues.

As Curadigm enters the nanomedicine field, it joins other companies such as the Dutch biotech Cristal Therapeutics, which encases a chemotherapy drug in nanoparticles to treat solid tumors, and the German company Topas Therapeutics, whose nanoparticles are designed to stop the immune system from destroying tissues in autoimmune diseases.

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