Meet Rodney Turner, CEO of Multiplex Protein Analysis Company AYOXXA

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BIO-Europe offers many opportunities. One of them is meeting with companies’ representatives to have a chat. In this context, we met with Rodney Turner, CEO of German company Ayoxxa, which markets a technology for multiplex protein analysis.

Although it may sound complicated, the technology is quite straightforward. Simply put, it is the parallel analysis of multiple proteins from one single, very small sample.

Made for academics and researchers studying a variety of sample types – blood, serum, eye fluids, saliva, or cerebrospinal fluids – Ayoxxa’s LUNARIS™ technology provides the opportunity to observe how the level of all signal proteins changes in response to a drug.

It also helps to understand how the immune system works and how inflammation develops in response to infections or other diseases.

Getting ahead in eye disease research

In collaborations with companies from Europe and Asia, Ayoxxa is working on different projects. Together with one of the biggest research institutions in the field of ophthalmology, the Singapore Eye Research Institute, the company is trying to gain a better understanding of proteins that play a critical role in retinal angiogenic disorders (RAD) and dry eye disease.

They are also part of a group of academic research institutions and pharmaceutical companies called EYERISK, which is developing tests that can diagnose the predisposition of people towards developing certain eye diseases.

Ayoxxa is commercializing a growing portfolio of standardized ready-to-use multiplex protein analysis assays and just recently launched two additional kits: one for the study of Th17-related biomarkers in mice and another for the analysis of RAD-related protein signatures in humans.

Watch our interview with Rodney at BIO-Europe 2017 here, and learn more about Ayoxxa and the exciting projects it is participating in!

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