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In Depth 6 Oct 2023

Will the U.S. Cancer Moonshot program land its target to halve cancer death rates?  

In Depth 31 Aug 2023

3D-printed tumors: startup hopes to drive cancer drug discovery

Triastek sees positive results from printed oral treatment for ulcerative colitis

First drug discovered through 3D bioprinted tissue disease model

Brenus Pharma and InSphero bag €1.5M for next-generation cancer cell immunotherapy 


New biomaterial can regenerate bones and prevent infections

Five companies personalizing treatments with 3D printed drugs

Triastek forms pact with Eli Lilly to 3D print tablets for oral drug delivery

Aussie uni develops new 3D printing solution for stem cell manufacturing

Cocuus raises funds to upscale alt-protein 3D bioprinting technology

United Therapeutics creates 3D printed lung scaffold