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In Depth 19 Jul 2023

Genetic engineering giants: is China poised to lead the way?

Narcolepsy drug gets Chinese approval

Innovent and IASO Bio obtain approval for CAR-T multiple myeloma treatment 

Breakthrough treatment for skin infections?

Clearance for anti-tumor bispecific antibody trial

HuidaGene Therapeutics creates world’s first ‘G to Y’ DNA base-editor


Researchers’ mutation discovery offers new Alzheimer’s hope

Researchers overcome stem cell delivery issues

Hasten raises $315M for acquisitions and pipeline development

BioNTech adds antibody-drug conjugates to cancer portfolio with potential $1.5B partnership deal

Ablaze Pharmaceuticals to develop first-in-class therapy for liver cancer in China

67% five-year survival rate in glioblastoma therapy, according to CANbridge Pharmaceuticals study