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The rise of lab-grown dairy: a sustainable solution for the future

Multus Biotechnology closes $9.5M funding to bring cultivated meat closer to price parity

Foodtech company, Wilk, creates first cultured milk fat, cell-based yogurt

Forsea Foods raises $5.2M in bid to redress destruction of marine life

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The biggest private biotech investments in September 2022

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How the alternative protein space aims to address food waste

Interview 27 Sep 2022

Europe’s first lab-grown fish company Bluu Seafood is aiming for sustainability

The 5 hottest biotech companies making waves in Israel

From tobacco to table – cell-cultured meat venture receives $10M funding to scale-up production

Forsea Foods creates eel meat using patented organoid technology

In Depth 1 Jul 2022

Continuous cell culture paves the way for better biomanufacturing

Cocuus raises funds to upscale alt-protein 3D bioprinting technology