Cuffless device worn 24/7 can lower blood pressure, says Aktiia

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A company making cuffless monitors for blood pressure says a significant and sustained reduction has been achieved for patients wearing the monitor 24/7.

The device, made by Aktiia, measures blood pressure at optimal times throughout the day and night and was used in a study on hypertensive patients using a data set of more than 55 million data points.

The company says patients who wear the device persistently for more than six months achieve a reduction in blood pressure.

Co-authored analysis

An analysis was co-authored by experts from London-based Barts NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, Scripps Translational Research Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic – all based in the U.S. and Swiss-based Lausanne University Hospital.

The authors say the analysis demonstrated that hypertensive patients who monitor their blood pressure (BP) with Aktiia’s 24/7 BP monitor achieve a significant and sustained reduction in systolic BP.

Aktiia’s collection of BP data has quickly compiled over 55,000,000 data points in real-world conditions, established the largest dataset of BP readings in the world which the company said enabled it and its partners to unlock new insights into hypertension.

Hypertensive subjects

Jay Shah, chief medical officer at Aktiia said: “The objective of the investigation was to explore whether a change in behavior resulting in measurably lower BP would be demonstrated in hypertensive subjects who were consistently exposed to their BP data via Aktiia’s integrated mobile app.

“The analysis concluded that mean systolic BP (SBP) was reduced following three months of continual cuffless BP monitoring. This reduction was then sustained throughout the six months studied. Mean SBP remained unchanged for normotensive users.”

The powerful relationship between BP reduction and reduction of cardiovascular events is undisputed, irrespective of the mechanism for the reduction.

Aktiia’s cuffless device empower people

Josep Sola, Founder and chief technology officer at Aktiia, added: “By using the monitor consistently, people were not only made aware of their condition, but were empowered to make changes to their behaviour which achieved an effect similar to that of a medication.

“We will continue to expand research that investigates the factors contributing to this reduction in blood pressure, and work to augment these benefits among the Aktiia user population.

“These data highlight just the beginning of the tremendous value of Aktiia’s dataset across the hypertension care continuum.”

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