Positive results of cancer treatment to be presented at Boston conference

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Results of a cancer treatment in the treatment of gynecologic and breast cancer are to be presented next week, November 8-12, at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) conference in Boston.

Alderaan Biotechnology is a preclinical biotech company that focuses on monoclonal antibody development. It will be making announcements about the most recent development of its new antibody candidate, ALD2510. It will cover preclinical results on tolerability and manufacturability along with its potential as a treatment.

Cancer treatment

Called ‘ALD2510: Next Generation Fc-enhanced, TREG-selective and IL-2-sparing anti-CD25 antibody with promising potential for the treatment of gynecological cancers,’ Alderaan Biotechnology will present the identification of the new antibody candidate, highlighting the study results in terms of tumor growth inhibition in animal models in gynecologic and breast cancers, the tolerability of the antibody in cynomolgus monkeys and its manufacturability.
Regulatory T cells (Treg) inhibit immune responses in many solid cancers and high infiltration by Treg cells has been associated with poor survival in various types of cancer. Alderaan Biotechnology has been developing ALD2150, a low-fucose IL-2-sparing anti-CD25 antibody designed for the selective depletion of Treg; boosting the immune effector functions within the tumor microenvironment. This makes it a promising candidate for the treatment of solid tumors, especially in gynecologic and breast cancers, where there are still significant unmet medical needs.

Alderaan Biotechnology latest developments

“We are thrilled to share our latest developments with the immunotherapy community at the SITC congress,” said Arnaud Foussat, CEO of Alderaan Biotechnology.

“We are at a key stage in our preclinical development, where our lead candidate, ALD2150, has shown results indicating excellent tolerability and manufacturability. We believe modulating regulatory T cells can bring strong clinical benefits to cancer patients where chemotherapy or prior immunotherapy approaches have failed.”
Alderaan Biotechnology said the presentation is an important step in its clinical development, as it has successfully identified its future clinical candidate, ALD2150, which has passed the requirements for manufacturability, potency and preliminary safety. The company demonstrated the strong activity of anti-CD25 specific, IL-2-sparing monoclonal antibodies as monotherapy in models of gynecologic cancers leading to a cure in most animals and to the development of a memory immune response against the tumors. Alderaan Biotechnology plans to enter clinical phase in 2024.

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