Aptamer opens new facilities to meet growing demand for Optimer technology

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Aptamer Group developer of Optimer binders that enable development in the life sciences industry has opened new facilities in the UK’s York Science Park. It says this will enable it to meet the growing demand for Optimer technology.

Well-known and respected neuroscience researcher, Baroness Susan Greenfield, opened the new 18,000 square-foot site on November 25. She attended with York Central’s MP Rachel Maskell.

Greenfield said: “I’m delighted to support a British company, clearly flourishing with an exciting new technology.”

Aptamer Group facilities triple

The visitors received a tour of the new premises, including containment level 1 and 2 laboratories, with a presentation from Greenfield regarding scientific discovery within growing biotech companies.

Aptamer Group’s new facilities have tripled its previous footprint helping to expand the capacity of its Optimer platform to deliver novel binders for researchers across the bioprocessing, diagnostic, and drug development sectors. In addition to Optimer discovery and development, a portion of the new lab space will be dedicated to validation and assay development to provide turnkey solutions for its partners.

Optimer binders are next-generation aptamers that can be used as synthetic antibody alternatives. They offer key benefits of smaller size, reduced immunogenicity, increased stability and ethical compliance as their discovery, development, and manufacture are animal-free.

Increased demand for technology

These binders are enabling researchers to pursue new targets and applications, such as targeted drug delivery, that have previously proven intractable with protein-based technologies.

“We are excited to move to the new purpose-developed site for Aptamer Group. This will enable us to keep up with the increased demand for our Optimer technology and the growth of the team at our new larger lab and office facilities,” said Arron Tolley, chief executive officer of Aptamer Group.

“This expansion will mean Aptamer is able to work on larger-scale projects that can be processed faster to support our partners with Optimers as a robust and much-needed alternative to antibodies.”

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