Biotech & Medtech well represented at Europe’s largest technological start-up challenge

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The second edition of the Hello Tomorrow Conference, a major event dedicated to disruptive technologies and science entrepreneurship, took place last week in Paris.

This event gathered scientists, entrepreneurs and investors during two days to share & present the scientific innovations that will shape our future. It gathered 6 different scientific fields structures, including Healthcare and Food&Agriculture.

For each of these fields, conferences with very prestigious speakers were organised, alongside with a start-up competition.

Khalid Ishaque from Pixium Vision

In the Healthcare sector, the main conference, « repairing the body » featured Mitchell H Finer from Avalanche Biotechnologies, Nina Tandon From Epibone, and Khalid Ishaque from Pixium Vision. These speakers developped 3 examples of technologies that could be used to repair the body : Gene therapy/editing, bone recontruction, and virtual reality implant to cure blindness.

Besides the conferences, start-ups were competing for a 100 000 € prize!

In the Biotech/Medtech field, the winning start-up, Instent received a 15 000 € Cash prize. This company develops a novel smart stent with remote and non-invasive in situ monitoring capabilities providing doctors with a simple tool to anticipate stent-related complications and tailor the follow-up treatment to the needs of the individual patient

The other competitors were :

  • Admetsys, a company that developed an artificial pancreas, used for hospital and surgical care to improve the treatment of diabetic patients.
  • Antag, which came up with an inhibitor of the endocrine system involved in fat deposition, for the treatment of obesity.
  • Hoope created an affordable medical device enabling a rapid and painless testing for 4 major STDs (syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and chlamydia infection).
  • Pathmaker Neurosystems, which built a Trans-Spinal Direct Current Stimulation Technology for the treatment of paralysis, muscle weakness and spasticity.

Overall, this event was very interesting because scientifics and entrepreneurs from different fields and countries were gathered in the same place for two days, which allowed stimulating discussions between participants.

The Hello Tomorrow Conference has an important role in promoting scientific entrepreneurship and therefore we will be happy to attend again next year to discover even more disruptive companies !

Ps: Special congratulations to the great team of young people under 30 behind the challenge:

The whole team of Hello Tomorrow Challenge
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