European Biotechs Outperform, Here is the Proof

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We underwent great Biotech stories in 2014. However, was 2014 really a good year for the Biotech industry? EY released Beyond borders 2015, its 29th Biotechnology Industry Report. We summed up the most important details for you concerning the European Biotech sector. So, let’s go over a few statistics.

First impression, the Biotech industry is definitely blooming, showing an increase in revenues generated by the US and European commercial leaders starting from about $17b in 2000 to reach nearly $128b in 2014.

In comparison to the previous year, revenues grew by 15%, most of all thanks to the European commercial leaders, who contributed to 77% of the annual revenue increase for 2014 alone. The net income mounts to a breathtaking 199% and the number of IPOs even raised by 288%, exposing Europe as a growing player in the Biotech industry.

Seven of the top ten European commercial leaders with revenues of at least $500M per year have maintained their pole position since 2010. New comers like Alkermes in 2013 and Jazz Pharmaceuticals in 2012 add to the ranking. Elan Corporation was acquired by Perrigo in 2013 for $8,6bn.

Never before 2014, has so much money been raised from the European biotech sector! Altogether, the $9.2 billion raised represent an increase of 53% in comparison to 2013, and a growth of 97% in comparison to the previous 10-year average. IPOs raised $1.9 billion, so let’s see which companies contributed most to this progress.

When going public, European companies are no longer restricted to the local market. According to EY, 12 of the 31 European companies were listed on the NASDAQ and 8 of them ranked in the top 10 European IPOs. However, the nomination for biggest exception goes to 2014’s Number 1 Circassia, that raised a record $333M on the London stock exchange.

We can clearly see that the growth trend of the European Biotech sector did not stop in 2014. Big deals with European companies and more and more IPO’s are transforming Europe into an increasingly important player in the field. By looking at the latest news, we can already bet on the future bringing us even more exciting progress!

Did the report catch your interest? Read EY’s whole Biotechnology Industry Report here.

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