Hello Tomorrow Challenge, a preview of the startup competition

Hello Tomorrow Challenge

Hello Tomorrow’s main goal is to create bridges between scientists, investors and entrepreneurs in all major technological fields. On 9th of April 2015, the team of Hello Tomorrow invited us to attend to their press conference given at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris.

In April 2014, after three long years of preparation, the “First day of Tomorrow” finally arrived. The first edition of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, gathered more than 1,500 participants in Paris, for a global competition of tech-startups in Europe. Labiotech was already there last year to give you an insight of the event.

This year, with candidates coming from 90 different countries, the “Second day of Tomorrow” will be international. It will take place at “La Cité des Sciences” in Paris on the 25th and 26th of June 2015. During this second edition of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, you will discover projects of 30 different start-ups selected as semi-finalists out of 3600 applications. The semi-finalists are organized in groups of five, in six different categories:

Hello tomorrow

At the end of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, the semi-finalists will pitch in front of a Grand Jury. Then, in each category, one project will be designated as the best project of its category and the start-up will receive a prize of 15,000€. From those 6 winners; only one will be designated as the BEST PROJECT of the challenge and will receive the €100,000 Orange Grand Prize.

I’m sure you want to read more about the semi-finalists qualified to compete during those two days. Here are some of them that caught my curiosity:

– A start-up from Peru developing an inexpensive and painless system to rapidly detect four of the most important sexual transmittable diseases.

– Another firm from Denmark found a small molecule capable of inhibiting the storage of the lipids in order to prevent obesity.

– To reduce the quantity of lipids and eggs in pastry products, a Mexican start-up developed a process using fruit byproducts, such as skin and seeds.

– An American start-up developing an encapsulating process using a biocompatible polymer to preserve the constant temperature of vaccines during transportation.

Hello Tomorrow is not only a challenge between 30 different start-ups. It is also the place and date, June 24th, where the 100 best start-ups of the challenge meet and get the opportunity to explain their project to many potential investors also present at the even. It is also two days of conferences, where 70 amazing and well-known speakers, such as David Miller – CTO at NASA, Nina Tandon – CEO at Epibone, Steve Brown – Lead futurist at Intel, or Nick Leschly – CEO at Bluebird Bio, will be there to encourage the semi-finalists but also to motivate the innovators of tomorrow.

If you want to be part of this amazing adventure book your tickets now!

Article by Guillaume Mercy

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