Novozymes Launches HelloScience to Encourage Global Collaboration on Big Issues

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The HelloScience platform will provide an online network where solutions for the world’s biggest challenges can be developed. First up, water scarcity.

Novozyme’s new online network, HelloScience, will provide a space for innovators, start-ups, companies, and others to come together and work on developing solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges. One of the first tasks awaiting Novozymes is a call from UNICEF to discuss the project.

Novozymes focuses on improving industrial performance without harming the planet. It’s the world’s biggest provider of enzyme and microbial technology, and its products have applications in a wide range of areas including fashion, food production, food quality, and energy generation. Novozymes has now set its sights on removing dangerous bacteria from water so that it is safe to drink.


Novozymes believes teamwork within the biotechnology industry could be key to finding solutions to major global challenges.

Globally, at least 2 billion people use a contaminated water source, and contaminated water is estimated to cause 502,000 deaths due to diarrhea each year. At the moment, it takes 24 hours to get results from a test to detect the presence of E.coli in water. UNICEF is on the hunt for a solution to this, and Novozymes believes that if several parties get together, a solution can be found.

There are plenty of potential teammates in the biotech industry as it is bursting with talent. For example, WaterScope, a spin-out from Cambridge University, 3D prints low-cost microscopes, and these could reduce the processing time for bacteria detection to just 1-2 hours.

We will be cheering on Novozymes and the rest of the collaborators!

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