Immunis closes $10M financing round

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Immunis Inc., a private U.S. biotech company developing a novel treatment for age and disease-related immune decline, has closed a $10 million series A first closing financing led by Remiges Ventures with participation by several other healthcare investment firms. 

Proceeds will support clinical assessment of Immunis’ immunomodulatory secretome product in an FDA-awarded phase 1/2a clinical trial targeting muscle atrophy, which is an age, disuse and disease-associated condition experienced by 100% of the population.

“The completion of this financing round reflects strong asset development, an outstanding team and a focused strategy,” said Hans S. Keirstead, chairman of Immunis.

An inevitable consequence of aging is decline of immune system health. Immune system degeneration manifests many degenerative conditions within the body, including muscle atrophy. 

Mitigating the loss of muscle and improving muscle recovery are unmet medical needs. Immunis’ unique secretome treatment, IMM01-STEM, addresses both medical needs using natural immunomodulators with potent cytoskeletal remodeling properties.

About Immunis

Immunis is a private biotechnology company developing a novel immunomodulatory secretome product for the various manifestations of age and disease-related immune decline. The STEM product line leverages Immunis’ leading-edge capabilities in stem cell technology to deliver all natural, all human immune modulators in their natural, relative physiological concentrations.


Immunis’ FDA-awarded phase 1/2a clinical trial is an open-label dose escalation study to assess the safety and tolerability of IMM01-STEM in elderly participants with muscle atrophy associated with knee osteoarthritis (KOA). 

Up to 18 patients will be enrolled in the trial and randomly assigned to an IMM01-STEM dose cohort. 

Treatment will be administered in the form of intramuscular injections twice a week, for four weeks.

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