Interviewing the CEO who uses Probiotics as Needle-free Vaccines

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This is my first interview from BioTrinity 2016 in London. I met with Tom Johnston, CEO of Mucosis, to learn more about the needle-free vaccine platform he is developing.


Mucosis is a biotechnology company based in Gröningen, Netherlands (a city we covered here for its medtech innovation). It was founded in 2007 and has raised over €20M so far.

The company is using safe probiotics as antigen presenters to develop an innovative mucosal vaccines which can be administered needle-free via the nose or mouth.

The lead product is preparing for a Phase I trial in September, with hopes to potentially start Phase II next year. Notably, the company got a €3.7M funding from the Wellcome Trust earlier this year, which is a great recognition of the potential of the platform.

So I asked Tom my more pressing questions to better understand their technology…

Feature Image Credit: Philip Hemme interviewing Tom Johnston at BioTrinity 2016

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