Iron protein can now be captured thanks to technology developed by NaviGo

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An iron-storing protein can now be captured thanks to the successful development of a Precision Capturing affinity resin.

Ferritin, an intracellular protein, is released into the bloodstream in small amounts where it acts as an iron carrier. Protein engineering company and developer of affinity ligands for custom chromatography solutions, NaviGo Proteins GmbH, announced today (July 20) the successful development of the Precision Capturing affinity which captures the protein.

PreviPharma, focuses on the therapeutic potential of plasma derived proteins used in novel therapeutics, had identified ferritin as a protein of interest but did not have the technology to capture it – but can now do so thanks to the development by NaviGo.

Blood fractionation

Due to the very low naturally occurring quantities of ferritin in fractionated blood plasma it is a challenge to make it a viable source for therapeutic development. Currently, ferritin ends up as part of the waste of the blood fractionation industry.

Florian Settele, head of business unit precision capturing at NaviGo said: “The Precision Capturing technology has once again proven its capabilities in the field of protein purification. Affinity allows for the economic purification of even highly diluted targets of interest and facilitates new possibilities for protein therapeutics from recombinant as well as non-recombinant sources.

“We are delighted to provide this solution to PreviPharma who pushes forward the field of protein therapeutics and strive to innovate, especially, for patients with an unmet medical need.”

Only around 16 out of approximately 10,000 proteins available in plasma have been developed for therapeutic use so far, in part due to unviable purification processes or identification of therapeutic uses.

Tina Berger, senior scientist and project manager, said: “PreviPharma has been impressed by Navigo’s customer and technology focus and the speed that Navigo has been able to develop research grade affinity resins. The science and the quality of delivered materials as well as the potential to further develop ligands for commercial purposes including membrane bound ligands is outstanding.”

Iron carrier protein

The new affinity chromatography option now efficiently captures even trace elements of ferritin from those waste fractions opening up exciting development opportunities for the iron carrier protein and outlining a clear path for the accessibility of other plasma proteins for commercial development in the future.

Navigo is known for specializing in creating novel affinity ligands for custom affinity purification of complex biologics and as ligands in biotherapeutic drug candidates.

PreviPharma focuses on the therapeutic potential of plasma proteins used in novel therapeutic areas in addition to genetic disorder substitution therapies.

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