British SynBio Startup Lands $3.6M for AI-Driven Protein Engineering

24/11/2017 - 2 minutes

LabGenius is using synthetic biology to develop new materials. The funding allows the biotech to set up its own research facility to develop its platform.

LabGenius, a new biotech startup based in London, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive the development of new materials. This morning, the company has announced that it has received $3.6M (€3M) from a group of investors, including Kindred Capital and Acequia Capital. LabGenius has already secured contracts with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and leading multinationals. The money will allow the startup to build its own research facility in Central London to continue developing EVA, its AI-driven evolution engine.

Founder and CEO, James Field, gives an insight into how EVA works and the power it has: “EVA is a Silicon Scientist hooked up to a bank of liquid handling robots… EVA is able to iteratively learn through conducting its own scientific experiments… Right now, EVA is unpicking nature’s design rules with unparalleled speed and dexterity… EVA will give us the ability to engineer life with unprecedented control… [and] harness new materials and therapies that we do not or even cannot fully understand.”

LabGenius probably isn’t your average SynBio company, with its Instagram account reflecting its young team and the fresh feeling around the company. We came across LabGenius at last week’s SynBio meeting in Berlin, check out Clara’s article to find out what was discussed at the event.

Images – LabGenius

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