Business looks to grow life sciences sector in China

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A Shanghai business says its top priority is to carry on contributing to the rapid growth of the life sciences sector in China.

The ATLATL Center for Innovation & Research is a biopharma research-based open platform that builds laboratories and office spaces equipped with professional research and development (R&D) services, lab facilities and operations management.

The company says the R&D center provides an integrated package of turnkey solutions and resources to biomedical R&D teams and projects to advance the development of China’s life sciences.

Life sciences

The company, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary, said it is on track to establish a presence in the world of early-stage life sciences venture capital investing by founding an innovation incubation fund, with a plan to incubate 100 biomedical startups within five years.

ATLATL says its goal is to create a ‘first-class international functional platform’ for R&D, and says it will further its efforts in expanding the business and encouraging innovation, turning outstanding research results into leading solutions.

ATLATL has been helping more than 100 early-stage biotechs and projects and with the company’s help they have raised more than 10 billion yuan, which has resulted in 80 patents, the approval for 21 clinical trials and the sale of two new drugs.

The company has enabled a group of biotech firms including including Mabwell, GRIT Biotechnology, LaNova Medicines, Phanes Therapeutics, Cowell Health, and Innostellar Biotherapeutics. It has also been recognized by the Silicon Review as one of the 50 Noteworthy Global Innovative Companies in 2020, and selected as one of the fastest-growing innovative companies in 2022 by CXO Fortune.

Founder PC Zhu said: “With Beijing and Shanghai becoming such powerhouses of innovation, we’ll string together our life R&D lab resources with the Chinese government’s lineup of favorable policies, to deliver a full range of services to life scientists around the world, and to teams who come to China to start their own businesses. We reduce costs and risks associated with biomedical innovation R&D, which saves money and time, unlocks scientists’ creativity, and helps founding teams reach their next milestones so much more efficiently.”

The company says since it started it has been focused on helping scientists focus on innovation as a means to accelerate the development of the biomedical industry.

Interdisciplinary management

As well as the R&D platform focusing on new drug discovery and development, gene editing, vaccine development and brain science, among other frontier tech areas, it has also developed an interdisciplinary management team across the life science industry chain that has professional laboratory operation and maintenance experience and R&D experimental capabilities.

Lots of biotech giants have used its site including Boehringer Ingelheim, Miltenyi Biotec, Bayer, Charles River, Lilly and AstraZeneca.

ATLATL built the first biomedical innovation ecology for streamlining the entire process of drug development from early drug discovery to pre-clinical research in Zhangjiang Pharma Valley, a high-tech zone in Shanghai. It also established a conversion platform related to drug discovery and clinical research in Lingang Special Area, a national level life science and technology industrial park in Shanghai.

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