Malaysian Genomics signs research agreement with government

MGRC Malyasia

MGRC Therapeutics Sdn Bhd (MGRC-T), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the National Institutes of Health, Malaysia (NIH).

The agreement provides a framework for collaboration between the two parties in medical research pertaining to genomics and biopharmaceuticals.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the research arm under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, comprises six research institutes that focus on biomedical research, public health and epidemiology, clinical research, behavioral health research, health management and health policies. 

The NIH is mandated to conduct high-impact health research to improve the quality of life of the Malaysian population. The health research conducted by the NIH is in line with the health research priority areas for each five-yearly Malaysia plan.

MGRC-T specializes in genomics and biopharmaceutical services with proprietary know-how and intellectual property related to the research, development, and processing of genetic screening tests, as well as the manufacturing of cell therapies, including immunotherapy for various types of cancer.

Dato’ Alvin Joseph Nesakumar, executive director of Malaysian Genomics, said: “The cooperation agreement enables us to explore ways that we can work together with NIH to improve the quality of our genomics and biopharmaceutical services that can contribute to improving the health of the Rakyat [Malaysian population]. We consider this collaboration a good step in encouraging and promoting research in genomics and biopharmaceuticals that will be mutually beneficial.”

S Asmaliza Ismail, manager of the NIH said: “We welcome this agreement as we are keen to work with specialists such as Malaysian Genomics to exchange knowledge in various fields of medical research. We believe that by working and pooling our resources together, we can bridge the gaps in expertise and experience.”

Under the agreement, the parties will explore joint training in the field of medical research, exchange research materials, and partake in scientific data presentation and publication. Additionally, the agreement will enable the exchange of experts and personnel, including postgraduate research and students on adjunct appointments, short- and long-term research attachments, co-supervision of students conducting research and internships, as well as other areas of cooperation to be mutually decided.

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