New predictive biomarkers to be developed for larynx and hypopharynx carcinomas

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A study to develop new, potential precision therapies in larynx and hypopharynx carcinomas has been announced today (September 13) by One Biosciences.

The company was co-founded by Céline Vallot, Institut Curie and Home Biosciences, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and single-cell technologies to discover new therapeutic targets and develop novel precision medicines.

The LARYCARE study, for single-cell profiling of larynx and hypopharynx carcinoma aims at better understanding, with top level information, the mechanisms involved in neoadjuvant chemotherapy response and resistance.

New predictive biomarkers

The objective is to identify new predictive biomarkers of the response to neoadjuvant treatment in advanced larynx and hypopharynx carcinoma as well as discover potential new targeted therapies.

Vallot said: “Single-cell analysis of tumor tissues during treatment now allows researchers to access an unprecedented level of understanding of cellular mechanisms at work in cancer patients.

“Using unique molecular technologies and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, One Biosciences maps tumors with an unmatched resolution to shed light on new biological markers, making it possible to anticipate the response of each patient to chemotherapy.

“Our technological platform also paves the way for the development of ultra-targeted therapies against cancers and complex diseases that are difficult to treat.”  

Sample evaluation

The company says it will evaluate samples from patients enrolled at the Hartmann Clinic and Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital, in partnership with the Institut Rafaël Centre de Recherche.

This clinical study follows a program launched in May 2021 in collaboration with Institut Curie in high grade serous ovarian cancer patients, aiming to identify new precision medicines, evaluating samples from the Institute’s SCANDARE trial.

The company has also completed a €7 million ($7 million) financing which started with the inception of the company in July 2020 with Home Biosciences, an asset-centric biotech company backed by Redmile Group and France-based Sofinnova Partners.


One Biosciences has also benefited from support from BPI France through non-dilutive grants (BFTE, PIA and Aide au Développement DeepTech.

Magali Richard, co-founder of Home Biosciences and CEO of One Biosciences, said: “We have assembled a unique discovery engine in a record timeframe. We are now pursuing our aggressive growth trajectory with two programs already ongoing and two new projects to be soon initiated in high unmet medical needs.

“We are in line with our initial roadmap and reaffirm our ambition to make One Biosciences a leader in AI and single-cell powered therapeutics development.”

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