Swiss-US Partners Reveal New Candidate for Autoimmune Disease

numab intarcia autoimmune disease

Numab and Intarcia have a first candidate to combine a tri-specific antibody fragment with a mini-osmotic pump delivery system to fight autoimmune disease.

Numab and Intarcia partnered in 2015 to develop a new form of treatment for diabetes, obesity and autoimmune diseases. After initial research, the team has now selected its first candidate for clinical development, triggering a milestone payment for Numab that raises the amount received through this deal to CHF 11.5M (€10M).

The candidate is a tri-specific antibody fragment for autoimmune indications made with Numab’s MATCH technology, which has attracted several partners thanks to its ability to combine up to six binding domains in a single drug candidate.

The next step will be taken up by Intarcia, which will integrate the candidate with its signature delivery technology, the Medici Drug Delivery System. It consists of an osmotic pump, the size of a match, that is implanted under the skin and releases the drug within over time, removing the need for frequent injections in favor of a minimally invasive procedure once or twice a year. The US firm is investigating uses for the device that include type 2 diabetes and HIV prevention.

While Intarcia takes on development, Numab has also announced its intention to raise a CHF 30M (€26M) round to accelerate the development of its proprietary candidates for cancer and autoimmune disease.

Image via Yellow Cat/Shutterstock

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