Osivax gets €10M influenza vaccine grant

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A grant of €10 million ($10.5 million) has been secured by pharmaceutical company Osivax to support a vaccine against influenza. 

The biopharma company develops vaccines to provide broad-spectrum protection against highly mutating infectious viruses and diseases.

It announced today (June 23) that it has secured the funds from Bpifrance to support the further clinical development of OVX836, its lead broad-spectrum influenza vaccine candidate. 

Healthcare plan

The French government’s Healthcare Innovation 2030 plan aims to give grants in order to promote leadership in medical innovation that include enhanced preparation and response to pandemics and infectious diseases. 

Alexandre Le Vert, CEO and co-founder of Osivax, said, “We are now well-positioned to accelerate the development of OVX836 through a large field efficacy trial, a critical milestone toward providing an improved influenza vaccine against currently circulating and emerging strains.” 

Osivax will apply the funds to prepare OVX836 for a phase 2b field efficacy clinical trial to assess its efficacy against a broad range of circulating strains.

Jeremy Berthuin, health sector manager for Bpifrance said: “Supporting Osivax in the development of its vaccine is a critical part of our efforts to advance French biomedical research and ensure our ability to effectively fight against ongoing and future infectious diseases. We look forward to the progress Osivax will make as it propels OVX836 through the next stages of clinical development.”

Immunogenicity results

Osivax’ OVX836 is a nucleoprotein-targeting influenza vaccine developed using the company’s oligoDOM technology. Across four clinical trials including a completed phase 1 and phase 2a and two ongoing phase 2a trials, the company said the vaccine candidate has already shown promising safety and immunogenicity results in 800 subjects. 

Osivax secured €17.5 million ($18.4 million) from the European Innovation Council and €15.1 million ($15.9 million) from Bpifrance back in 2020 to develop vaccines that protect from all current – and even future – flu and coronavirus outbreaks.

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