TrialSpark partners with Sanofi to acquire and develop clinical-stage novel therapies


TrialSpark has announced a new partnership with global pharma company Sanofi to explore novel methods of bringing new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently. 

The collaboration will focus on jointly pursuing the acquisition/in-licensing and development of best-in-class, clinical-stage phase II and phase III drug candidates in areas of high unmet patient need.

The partnership aims to leverage Sanofi’s global commercial expertise and TrialSpark’s tech-enabled drug development capabilities, exploring new and innovative models of clinical development, such as behavioral intervention and digital technologies to achieve better patient outcomes.

‘Commitment to innovation’

“We are excited to initiate this novel collaboration with TrialSpark, as another example of our commitment to innovation in the healthcare ecosystem,” said Alban de La Sablière, partnering head, Sanofi. 

“This collaboration will not only identify attractive late-stage assets, but will also use innovative development plans which could bring meaningful outcomes to patients in areas of mutual interest.”

“It is a privilege to partner with Sanofi to jointly acquire and develop new treatments,” said Benjamine Liu, TrialSpark’s CEO and co-founder. 

“Sanofi is a world leader in drug development, with extensive global commercial expertise. TrialSpark is delighted to have such an exceptional partner to work together with on bringing new treatments to patients faster than ever before.”

The Sanofi and TrialSpark partnership is jointly targeting six transactions over the course of the next three years.

About TrialSpark

Founded in 2016, TrialSpark has built a technology platform that optimizes all aspects of clinical drug development. 

It acquires clinical-stage drugs from pharmaceutical and biotech companies and develops them. TrialSpark’s current therapeutic areas of focus include rheumatology, dermatology, CNS, and cardiometabolic diseases.

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